To Fairytales

I am always being challenged to find within myself something new. Or to embrace a new idea or philosophy. Today it is compersion, the idea of finding joy and happiness when your partner is happy and fulfilled with another.

Admittedly this has been one of my greatest challenges. I walked into the world of BDSM and kink with no experience in poly, and it has been a whirlwind of learning to wrap my head around being in more than one relationship at a time, and accepting and embracing the other partners of those I am in relationship with.

When I first entered this bright new world, and of course followed almost no one’s advice, I couldn’t possibly imagine myself in poly relationships.  And I was immediately approached by a dominant (purposeful “d”) who represented himself to require monogamy, which coming from the vanilla world seemed the most comfortable place to find myself.  But alas, he was deceptive, and of course, he was not monogamous, he was manipulative.  Big difference.

Now I find myself in three distinctly different relationships.  One incredibly good friendship that includes play at local events.  I treasure this person greatly and couldn’t imagine my life without him in it.  He was one of the first people I met when I walked into this new life, and I trust him immensely.  I know no matter what he will always have my back and I can count on him in almost every possible circumstance.

Onto relationship number two, he is a play partner, some might describe us as friends with benefits.  It’s very much like any typical vanilla dating relationship, we do date, doing very vanilla things like going out for dinner, hiking in the great outdoors and walking the dog, but our bedroom activities are where he becomes Dominant and things get incredibly kinky, and out of control fun.

And then we have the most intriguing of all, relationship number three, and it’s not that it’s number three, I kind of left the best for last in a way.  My Dominant, he is an absolutely amazing man, although I am not his primary partner, I am so fortunate to be his submissive.  I learn so much from this relationship, about myself, about my ability to submit, how much I need to submit to fulfill a deep-seated desire within me, and what it means to me when I am able to please him.  But even this just barely touches upon the transformation that has been occurring in me during my time as his submissive.  I count it an honor every day to be my Sir’s submissive, and treasure every moment I have with him.  I will never take him for granted.

So here is your introduction to my kinky fairytale.  It’s an interesting balancing act right now, but so far so good.  I am keeping up with everything, and keeping my head on my shoulders so far.  Having a support system helps, it’s not big, but it’s there, and I’m grateful for everyone that has helped along the way.  I don’t recommend walking this road alone.

Until next time.  Thanks for stopping by.

Kinky Blonde Girl 🙂

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