How I’m going thrive through the storm

I am finding the courage to walk away from relationships that are no longer bearing fruit.

I am finding the strength to walk this out with grace.

I forgive those who have hurt me.

I refuse to hold onto resentment.

I pray that those who love and support me today do not leave me.

I will be thankful for the friendship that has surrounded me as I have prepared for this challenge.

I will focus my energy on trying to stay safe, strong, healthy, and stable through the coming days and weeks.

I will exercise to focus my anxious energy on something productive.

I will eat healthy to ensure I have proper nutrition giving me strength and leveling anxiety.

I will drink plenty of water to ensure I am well hydrated in preparation for the spontaneous tears that are guaranteed to come.

I will meditate and use mindfulness techniques to keep my mind centered and calm.

I will get plenty of sleep, ensuring my best possible mindset to approach each day with.

I am fully aware that I am facing pain, heartache and loneliness. But I know I can walk this out with my head held high if I just have my head in the game.

I am strong

I am well able

I am an overcomer

I am more than a conqueror

I can do all things that come my way

I have survived more in my life than many people would ever even contemplate possible for one person to endure, and I stand tall, ready for the next challenge to come my way. I will do my very best to handle it with grace, because I know the best way to recover from anything is to walk it out well.

I’m going to get up, dust off my tiara, and move ahead into the future. This kinky little princess has a bright one to look forward to as long as she keeps looking to her dreams as guidance, and never lets them go.

Through the storm into the dream…

I can see the future now…

Kinky Blonde Girl

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