The days are starting to go by. Each day I think it’s getting a little bit easier to accept my new reality.

But there’s no more good morning and good night texts. All the charming conversation that once filled the day has disappeared. The beautifully laid plans of wonderful experiences to come have died along with that special relationship.

I’m admittedly feeling a little bit lost right now. Overwhelming pain and anguish pour over me like a flood and the tears overflow, I wonder when my heart will stop feeling this desperate pain for the loss of someone I cared so deeply for.

But I know I made the right decision, and I am going to walk through this storm successfully.

Disappointment has certainly touched me in this phase of my life but it will not take me down.

I know the path to success is often wrought with pain and disappointment, and that when one is able to see through the broken pieces they find the most light. I find many broken pieces this day, but I believe I will see that glorious light shining through what has been shattered in my life as I slowly go through these days of pain.

I have been so fortunate to have good people checking in, making sure I’m ok. For that I’m eternally grateful. Knowing that I am certainly not alone as I walk this sad and disappointing road has been such a comfort.

But I shall walk today’s path with my head held high, because I know I am an overcomer, and nothing is keeping this kinky little princess from seeing her dreams come true.

To better days.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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