And the learning never ends…

So much of the journey has been about learning. Information overload sometimes. But absolutely necessary when broaching a topic as complex as Dominance and submission and power exchange in general. It comes to mind following our local chapter’s MAsT (Masters And slaves Together) Discussion Night last evening.

My walk has been a busy one. At one point only a few months ago I barely found myself with a free evening in the week. I was running between coffee nights, workshops, munchs, dungeon parties, and play dates, all the while keeping up with my vanilla life’s commitments. So much learning to be done and I was going to be sure to arm myself with as much knowledge as possible.

Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.      

Abigail Adams

I have been incredibly fortunate to have walked into an outstanding community filled with opportunities for growth and knowledge. Wonderful women on both sides of the slash have come into my life and poured their advice into me which has been immensely helpful. Interestingly enough, they will never know just how or when their little jewels of wisdom will come into play, and I find myself pulling from the data stores of kink information buried in my mind at the most interesting of moments. I’m so thankful for these wise women, and men, who have shared their years of experience with me, that I might learn from them, I count it a great honor.

Following this latest learning opportunity, and information contained therein, I’m deeply contemplating my role as a submissive today. So much has happened lately that it seems wise to honestly evaluate myself and what I really want and need for myself and my future. I thought I knew, but then life happens and you just never know anything anymore. Time to re-evaluate and get centered.

Many things have not changed, that I know.

I am sub.

I will be happy and at peace.

I will serve and obey.

I will seek to please.

I will humbly kneel for the dominant who respects and honors my loyalty and obedience.

Until I kneel again….

Kinky Blonde Girl

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