Submission…it is calling

It’s so funny how and when things happen.

Several months ago I was regularly speaking with a Dominant in a loosely structured D/s style arrangement. He is quite handsome, a fitness fanatic, and a very good listener offering sage advice when the time has called for him to do so. And then life happens to all of us and he had to turn inward, deal with “curve balls” as he put it. So we lost touch.

But how fortuitously that following recent events this handsome man has made a reappearance in my life. Coincidence, maybe, maybe not.

What I do know is how I seek to serve. How much pleasure I receive from performing a task set before me. I didn’t even realize how desperately I was missing it until I was given a task and my heart leapt with joy because of it.

It was a kinky little task, fun, flirty and brought me back to life again. And an endurance task at that, so communication throughout the day was maintained, and several little tasks went along with the over-arching task. I was fulfilled throughout the day by my duty to serve this Dominant in this manner, and it felt so good to feel that awesomeness again.

To serve again, it was so wonderful. To hear “good girl” over and over throughout the day was so uplifting. To perform a set task well for a Dominant provides me with such joy that it is simply unexplainable.

I do hope to find myself in service once again soon. It truly does brighten my life to serve another. And honestly that service can look a lot of different ways, but at the end of the day, if I am performing well for Him, and He is pleased by me, I am a happy submissive.

To serve and obey….

Kinky Blonde Girl

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