A little submissive moment

An interesting relationship, the one with my play partner. It so often could be mistaken for a vanilla dating relationship, except for a few distinct differences. We are definitely kinky, poly, and our relationship has a known expiry date.

We have contemplated adding more D/s to our relationship then is currently maintained, however, we seem to have slight differences in opinion as to the degree to which I should seek to submit.

Regardless, this past week we found ourselves in a situation where he asked me to make a bed on the floor beneath him so we could have a mid-day nap together. I was in bliss. I gleefully made my little spot on the floor, curled up beneath him and as his hand came down to hold mine as we fell asleep, I felt such peace and fulfillment.

Such a simple little thing, to be able to sleep beneath him, but it was beautiful, and I felt perfectly at home. There’s something particularly special about those moments that cannot be replicated any other way. I honestly cannot even find the words to express what I felt other than it was simply such splendid happiness.

I so hope to find such an opportunity again soon.

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Kinky Blonde Girl

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