I Keep Walking, With Anticipation

And so the journey continues.

As I stroll along my submissive walk I continue to grow and to learn about myself. I’m learning what I want, what I need to live the happy and fulfilling life I want for myself. It certainly has been an interesting walk so far, admittedly a few stumbles along the way, and a little heartbreak to go along with, but all in all a tremendous experience.

I am starting to see the new future ahead of me. I don’t know what all it will hold, but I absolutely guarantee you, this kinky little princess will be having the time of her life. So much brilliance on the horizon, I barely dare to look for fear of the light, but I am filled with incredible excitement.

I’m making gains every day and lately, life has been filled with good experiences and reconnections that have meant the world to me. There’s a peace in me that I haven’t felt in some time, and for that I’m grateful. It’s glorious to see my existing relationships continue to bring me joy and as I look to the future I wonder with awe and amazement as to what incredible things might be in store.

In the coming weeks I have a beautiful tropical holiday planned and as preparations continue I look forward to it with glee. It will be another experience of a lifetime, an adventure like no other. What beautiful things will I see and taste and feel? It will be another epic escapade into this wonderful new world of mine, living life to the fullest. Taking every opportunity that comes my way and appreciating them with all that I am so that I try not to miss a thing.

New people are coming into my life. What exactly they may bring is still unsure, but the anticipation is breathtaking. There’s something truly wonderful about not knowing what is going to happen next. As the excitement builds, waiting for the next thing to happen, it’s like the petals on a rose, each lovely on their own but together creating one beautiful flower. I’m building a beautiful posy of roses and the fragrance is stunning, enveloping even.

I will continue on my walk with anxious, excited anticipation for things to come because I know I’m moving in the right direction today. Beauty is on the horizon. I simply have to watch and wait, I do believe the best is yet to come!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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