Another shake up

I have made another big decision.

It was time for change.

Following last weeks events where my play partner declared his “ownership” of me I started doing some serious thinking about this relationship. There was just no way this overstepping of boundaries could be ignored.

And subsequent to that I attended the amazing weekend where I saw my submissive side shine, and shine like it hasn’t in so long. He has no interest in pulling her out of me, in seeing me kneel, serve and feel useful. Our entire relationship is void of that, and Tuesday night it became so crystal clear to me that I could no longer keep pretending this was working and making me happy. It just wasn’t.

So yesterday I had to call it, put an end to another relationship that was no longer bearing fruit. We ended on good terms, and I hope nothing but the best for him in his future. But now I am free to start living for mine.

Now to see what opportunities arise. What does this bright future have in store for this kinky little princess. It’s bound to be amazing!

To the future ✨

Kinky Blonde Girl

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