Coming Back to Life

I’m coming back. I’m taking risks and exploring things I’ve dreamt about for months.

Last night I got to experience something I have been waiting for months to do and it was beautiful and painful, but beautifully painful. I was taken to that wonderful floaty land of subspace, where everything is peaceful and calm, with every breath I sunk deeper until I was almost dreaming.

It was a long-awaited needle scene with a Top that I met in November at Salon. A lovely Mistress that I have since played with once, an impact scene. We connected well and I had been looking forward to this scene almost since the evening we met.

When she first suggested the idea of back leg laces I jumped at the idea but while I looked at a picture and imagined the number of needles it would take I wondered if I had in me what was needed to take all of those needles. I have only lightly dabbled in needle play and mostly to my dissatisfaction. I needed a positive needle scene and this Top knew that and she made it amazing. She made sure I watched every step of sterilization and showed me the sterile materials that would be used on me to ensure my confidence in her. Every step was explained to me so I knew what was going to happen next and nothing came as a surprise, and she guided my breathing through every one of the 70 needles that went into my legs.

I felt completely safe in her hands, I had no concern for one second that she was going to harm me, and the end result was outstanding. An amazing piece of living art! And I was the canvas!

I feel blessed today for another wonderful experience. I have to start celebrating these experiences again. They’ve been occurring I just haven’t been able to lift myself up enough to get excited and celebrate success until now. It’s time to live again and shine bright like the brilliant gem that I am.

Onto the next adventure. Hopefully, I will be able to celebrate the next one too!

Kinky Blonde Girl

2 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life

  1. What an absolutely stunning image!

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