This past weekend was filled with firsts.

Another first for me was a full suspension. It was absolutely amazing! I got to fly for the first time!

A play partner I have had since the day I walked into the community was the beautiful soul to give me this gift. We found a great spot in the dungeon and he went to work. Intricately wrapping my body in colorful rope, red was of course included. There was much teasing and spanking, kisses and biting, until my body was wrapped just so and all the lines were in place.

He said “you’re ready to fly” and up I went. Swinging and twirling and the giggles came. I couldn’t help but giggle with joy for the experience of flying was just so joyful. It was such a different experience of bondage, of rope than I had ever had. It was so lovely, so warm, so exciting, and playful.

Another beautiful adventure, another experience to celebrate, and I celebrate it with glee. I am so grateful for the people that bring these beautiful opportunities into my life.

This weekend will be filled with wonderful opportunities to serve and meet new people and I hope I walk away with more to celebrate!

Wish me luck!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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