Starting a New Chapter

So much can happen in the span of just a few days or a week.

From the time I walked into the hotel of the conference, I knew something profound was going to occur in my life. I just had no idea how much.

Throughout the weekend and into the week I experienced an outpouring of love and support, kindness and compassion. A healing occurred in me that I can really only understand as somehow almost supernatural.

But the exceptional changes in my life didn’t stop there. As my journey progressed, I went on to visit my favorite Mistress and came to learn that she was seeking to take me under her protection. Not simply that, as our relationship is far more complex than just protection, and therefore the titles chosen have been in training, in service and under her protection.

It is a strict D/s relationship and with it comes great contentment, knowing that she has my back and at the same time I have hers in a manner. I have an opportunity to learn a great deal about this lifestyle from someone who has lived it their whole life and has so very much to teach me.

Mistress is slowly giving me tasks and rituals to make me focus on my submission, and I am finding myself in deep meditations about my submissiveness. A uniform has been assigned and I find myself dressed in simply cuffs and collar for most of my day. I am already learning new skills for her, and I know that there are a great many more to come. I have a steep hill to climb, but I know I have good guidance and I will never be on my own.

I am surrounded by good people, great supports on both sides of the slash. As I step out onto this new path of my submissive walk I am content, I feel serenity. I trust the one who has chosen me and I feel safety in my submission to her.

Now to make her proud, this will be my greatest challenge and pleasure.

Please join me in the new chapter of “The fairytale of a kinky blonde girl”!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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