This was a road trip like none I had ever been on before. I would be learning a great deal and expanding my horizons in many ways. I would be meeting incredible people, having wonderful conversations and find myself smiling and laughing all the while.

On my first day, I was taught the very important task of serving coffee, the first of several beverages I would learn to prepare over the coming days. I came to truly treasure those moments, first thing in the morning, waking to find Mistress busily in conversation on her tablet. I found serenity in the morning ritual of preparing her coffee with care always trying to get it just right, receiving a smile and approval after my attempt was successful and she was pleased with the presentation of my service, was an exceptional start to each day.

I had a number of new experiences, from a full body inspection, the amazing feeling of a plethora of implements taken to my feet in my first experience with Bastinado, to performing service in front of a room full of people, every experience individual and unique, providing opportunities to feel my submissive self blossom and shine under Mistress’s direction.

However, the moments that stand out the most are the quiet ones, when I simply sat at her feet and listened to the conversation around me, sometimes invited to provide my submissive perspective, the feeling of her comforting hands running through my hair as I rested my head on her knees in quiet submission. My submissive heart was full, I was indeed content, a sense of calm and peacefulness that was all-encompassing filled me for the entirety of my visit. I don’t think anything could have made it better.

I am learning a new level of D/s in this relationship, and this little trip provided me with the opportunity to completely let go and give up control of everything for five days. She was in charge of it all, I simply had to drive the car and be ready when she told me to. There was such beauty in giving up completely to her, not having to worry about anything, knowing she had it all covered. I felt at peace, safe, complete contentment. I know now more than ever that the 24/7 dynamic is where I belong, and that I am intended to give up complete control to the one I trust.

She has told me often that she sees a slave in me, and I am coming to see it too. There’s so much more to my submissive nature than I once realized, and every opportunity I have to delve deeper into the dynamic I discover that I simply want to give up more.

What an amazing trip, I learned so much, met wonderful new friends, enjoyed every beautiful moment in submission on my knees before her, in service to her, every cup of coffee I prepared and presented to her with all the grace I could provide. I honestly cannot wait for the next one.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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