Once again I found myself on the Island, such a tranquil place, and such a warm welcome I always receive when I arrive. This time was no different, a room filled with friendly faces, some familiar, some new, all as eager as I to hear what Mistress had in store for us that night.

My instructions had been few for the evening, work the door and at some point, I would be called upon, but that was all I knew. It is a splendid adventure serving this Mistress. She told me, in the beginning, to be prepared for spontaneity.

I was provided with the privilege of being called up along with a darling friend and we were each offered a hand and instructed to provide Her with a hand massage, it’s astonishing the myriad of thoughts that can run through the mind in the milliseconds you are standing there before a room full of people unprepared for such a task, as simple as it was.

Another small act of service I was offered the opportunity to present was to serve Mistress a drink of soda, which probably seems simple enough, but I’ve never served her soda before, certainly never served her anything in a can, and so that threw me off a bit, but I tried my best and hoped my service was worthy.

And finally, I was called upon to simply sit in a chair front and center of the room, quietly observing the balance of the class. This act of service She sought from me I couldn’t have been prepared for really, and of course, She knew that thus the beautiful mystery in it.

I learn more about my need to serve with every opportunity to serve Her and every successful attempt. Her beautiful words of encouragement and graceful demeanour when accepting my service fills me with such joy and contentment, I know more than ever that I am meant to be in a relationship that has a strong focus on service.

Our time in this quaint little city came to an end and I offered to return Mistress home, and our drive was a lovely one filled with inspiring conversation. I didn’t even recognize until later that performing that task was another act of service. Upon our arrival at Her home, I was granted the occasion to prepare Her coffee and find myself on my knees before Her once again in service. The smile and words of pleasure and satisfaction I received meant so very much to me.

I know I stumbled a few times this past weekend in my service, but I also know I’m still learning, and I am fortunate to have a Mistress who is gracious and understanding and respects the journey of learning I am on. I will continue to improve as time goes on, and I get more practice, but She knows my heart is there, my intention is right, and I will only get better as She continues to bolster my confidence along the way.

I must thank everyone who supported me at the workshop, all the other hands that helped make the workshop a success. I count it an honour to serve beside some outstanding people and I learn from each one of them every time I see them in their roles acting out their own beautiful acts of service.

And thank You Mistress for believing in me and lifting me up, always, to help me find my best self. I am forever grateful to Her!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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