This complicated love style.

I awoke the other morning to a flurry of messages on my phone, and of course, the first one I read was from Mistress. My life had changed overnight, she had returned to her rightful place as Owner and her faithful slave had returned to her.

I was assured that nothing between us changed, although honestly how could it not. It was a tumultuous day of unknowns, waiting for the evening when I could speak to her and find out exactly what my new place was. I spent the day doing my best to keep my composure, radically accepting my new reality. The changes to my Fetlife profile had left me questioning a great many things and I felt all alone, like I was floundering once again in this mysterious world with no protection.

In the evening upon my return home from work I had the opportunity to speak to Mistress and understand the changes. I was not alone, instead, a new person had been added to my life, corrections would be made to ensure the world knew I was still under her protection, and my training and opportunities to serve her would continue, I would simply be doing it alongside my new brother.

Days passed and the new reality set in, I’ve settled into my new place and at the beginning of this week I reached out to this slave in order that we might come together and find our way together in friendship. We met for what was planned to be a coffee date, but after a short visit and chat in a lovely courtyard, our coffee date turned into a pint at a local pub, with Mistress’s permission of course.

We spoke of each of our concerns and interests and found many commonalities. Making plans for the future for things we might do together for fun and things we might do together for Mistress. We came to an agreement on how we will proceed at events, he is to be seated on her right hand and I will be seated on her left. There are many more things we will still need to work out but it’s a good start and I believe I have his full support in my journey.

So what felt like disaster and disappointment has turned into a new and interesting place to be. A brother has joined my journey, a slave with much more experience than I that I have the opportunity to learn a great deal from and find support in as I find my way in this wild and crazy world.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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