The Search is On

As I have lingered in the land on unowned and single-hood for the past many months I have had a good space of time to consider my deal makers and deal breakers. It’s been good time, I have had some great experiences, worked on developing relationships on a different level, and continued learning and healing. But the time has come to begin the search in earnest for the Master that will help to bring complete fulfillment to my life.

On that note, a very charming Dominant has come into my sphere. He’s handsome, well educated, well spoken and well written, and seems to understand what this kinky little princess needs to keep her in order. I am facing interesting challenges with this man, he is currently working out of town for a time, so I’m faced with utilizing patience for the near future until he returns home when we can meet in person. We are using technology to the best of our ability to connect but admittedly this was never my goal, online long distance, so I am being pushed passed some self-inflicted boundaries to get to know this man, this charming Dominant, but I think he’s worth it.

It’s always a risk allowing yourself to be vulnerable to another person, most especially in the manner we do in these types of dynamics, but the rewards we reap when things go right are outstanding. I’m taking a chance on this one, my handsome Californian Dom, and I hope beyond hope that we find the magic that we both seek when reality comes to fruition and we can finally be together in person.

Wish me luck! I hope I found my magic!✨

Kinky Blonde Girl

4 thoughts on “The Search is On

  1. Good luck. Hope you develop and explore your new relationship further 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’m very hopeful!🍀


  2. Best of luck, it is rare to find someone the “fits you”


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