Has she found her Prince?

The day finally came to meet the mystery man from California that has had my attention for the past two months. And what a spectacular day it was.

It happened to be my birthday. And he made it incredibly special, showering me with thoughtful gifts, beautiful flowers, a wine that he knew I would enjoy, chocolate that is always a straight shot to my pleasure centers, a pretty red leather leash for us to enjoy during play, and even a princess birthday card. Such attention to detail, I couldn’t have done a better job if I had choreographed it myself.

We had an opportunity to connect and it was outstanding, he was even easier to talk to in person than I had imagined. We had been using Skype as a tool for communication so we have talked considerably over the time we have known each other, but there’s a level of disconnect when you are separated by distance and you haven’t met yet. At least that was my experience, because meeting him, and being in his company changed everything for me. There is a drive in me today that wasn’t there before, although I had a desire to submit, it is as if there was a wall of protection around me shielding me just in case this didn’t turn out to be as I was hoping. But now that we have had this encounter, and the outcome was so positive I have a new found hope.

So here I go, leap of faith. I am trusting in this man, a hard thing for me to do after everything I have been through over the past couple of years. Somehow my ability to trust has been shaken, but I am going to take another chance, I am going to believe in the good and trust his words, and maybe, just maybe, I have found my magic, and my Prince Charming.

Kinky Blonde Girl

1 thought on “Has she found her Prince?

  1. Awww.. happy for you! That’s what its all about. Stepping from the cliff gladly because you know he will not let you fall.

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