Wicked, a Weekend of Gratitude

When you wake up in the morning and you’re still breathing, be grateful.

During the Saturday evening gala dinner, the keynote speaker gave a moving speech, but what we all seemed to take to heart from it was the above statement, and it became a theme for the balance of the weekend.

As the conference landed on our Canadian Thanksgiving, the organizers asked during the Opening Ceremonies for everyone to take time throughout the weekend to have a heart of gratitude and recognize the things they were grateful for. Each gave examples of some of the things they were grateful for and some of which was the outpouring of friendship and love found as attendees arrived at the conference, new and old friends alike pouring positive energy into the space for the weekend to create a beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy.

I find myself grateful for a tremendous weekend. I made new friends, got to know people better, and had some outstanding experiences. Workshops expanded my knowledge and the things I saw and got to be a part of challenged me to think outside of what has been my comfort zone. I witnessed the hook pull for the first time and I felt so blessed to be in that room sharing space with those participating and to feel the energy of those being impacted by the experience.

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” – Melody Beattie

My weekend included the joyful experience of co-bottoming with my friend and roommate to a beautiful Top and woman I admire in our community. It was a first to have needle buttons placed on our chests and then be tied to my co-bottom and have us be used against each other to create sensation. It was a spectacular scene with both of us having a different experience but we were both so happy with the outcome. Cathartic for her, and masochist pleasure for me.

When the final morning came and it was time for goodbyes I most certainly did not want to leave behind all these beautiful new people I had added to my life. What is one amazing thing about this community is that because we are small, when you connect with someone, regardless of distance, you’re likely to maintain that friendship through online contact until the next opportunity to meet, most likely by way of another conference. I will endeavor to cultivate those friendships so that when I see those people next it will be like no time has passed.

In conclusion, I am so grateful for this experience, for every opportunity that was provided to me at this conference. I hold many of the attendees dear to my heart and am so grateful for the time I was provided to share space with them, and couldn’t possibly be more grateful to the people that made this opportunity possible.

With a grateful heart I settle into recovery mode. Con drop is setting in and self care is on the agenda. But oh my was it worth it, to the stars! ✨

Kinky Blonde Girl

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