Another Adventure Begins

He greeted me with a kind smile and welcomed me into his home. After a short time of simple pleasantries we settled into a state of quietness, he took both of my hands into his, my face close to his, and a short but profound sentence begins the next step in our journey, “I want to take you as my sub”.

So few words and yet so life changing. From the minute I began speaking to him I knew he was different, there’s a kindness and caring in him I don’t quite recognize. This will be my first real poly relationship, already having met his beautiful wife. I hope we can have a positive relationship for not only his benefit but for all of ours.

We are moving at the speed of light, but it feels like we’ve known each other a lifetime already. It’s a little quirky how much we have in common and how comfortable we are together already.

I’m so looking forward to where this new adventure leads me.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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