Our First Date

Saturday night was a very special night.

I got to go to an evening of entertainment with my new partner. I got to introduce him to my friends, a couple he met previously at last weekend’s dungeon party that he attended with his wife, but this night was for me.

We had a lovely evening of fine wine and finer food, followed by a bourbon tasting for dessert, all enjoyed with great company. Some of my dearest friends were in attendance and it was a joy bringing him into my inner circle.

Another joy for me was to be able to serve him for the first time, to perform acts of service in the company of my community where it’s safe to do so. He is new to this world and so learning to receive service was just as important for him last night. It was quite an interesting testing ground, in front of several well established M/s and D/s dynamics.

A good friend followed up with me the following day and she said I did great, she complimented my service and noted that I seemed very relaxed. I believe this new dynamic has brought some peace to my life, his kindness and nurturing nature sets me at ease even in what could have been a nerve wracking situation.

It was an incredibly special night for us, a first and beginning of our journey in the outside world together. He is so good to me and pours kindness down on me daily. I’m so excited to see what is to come.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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