My Magical Weekend with The Dragon

I had the most wonderful weekend the other weekend. It was supposed to be A Magical Night in Paris, but it was simply a magical weekend for me. There are two stories to this weekend, but this one is the story of submission, BDSM, sex and growth.

Once again, I found myself on a boat, heading to the island, excited for what awaited me on the other side. Upon my arrival the handsome Leatherman greeted me with a cheerful, smiling face. We went to His home to get me settled in to my new surroundings and an afternoon of entertainment ensued.

He kissed me, like only He can kiss, with intense bites to my lips immediately making my knees weak. I can always feel His Dominance whenever we speak or are together, but when He takes me and holds me and kisses me like that, I become a puddle, eager to be of service to Him in any manner of ways. He bit each of my fingers, hard and sharply, with each bite making me desperate to meet His will.

Soon I was instructed to remove clothing and after tidily folding and placing it nearby, I quickly found myself on my knees and His big hard Cock in my mouth. I sucked and played until being directed to His big chair and He thrust His Cock inside me deep and hard, fucking me with such force I couldn’t help but cum quickly, savoring every thrust as I enjoyed my unexpected afternoon treat.

I was directed to the dungeon and up against the A frame where I would enjoy a taste of His tantalizing toys, but just a taste, as there was much work to do today. His kisses kept dizzying me, His sharp bites to my body entrancing me and the smell of leather enticing me to want more of what He had to give. It was just the perfect way to start my holiday.

He offered me the opportunity to be in service not just for the protocol dinner I had come to attend, but for the entirety of the weekend and as such He presented me with His service collar. A special collar as He described that He uses for extended periods of service such as an event, full day or weekend of service and if I chose to submit I would wear this for the entire weekend. The collar was presented for me to consider and upon my decision, I was to kiss the sweet leather and my neck quickly found its home within the steel clasp. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a collar with purpose and for someone for which I hold such esteem.

I was given the opportunity to prepare a simple dinner and serve Him, and what a joy it was. He helped with dinner in His own special way; the meat tenderizer holds a special place in my heart and on my ass now. As I prepared the chicken for our meal, I got to enjoy His close company and the occasional reminder my work would be examined and the results to come had me trying to do my best regardless of the occasional distraction by His Cock up against my ass, and a paddle here and there.

He has His own style of how He enjoys His meals to be served, including receiving a brief description of the items being presented gracefully to Him. It was all so foreign, and I felt so awkward, yet I tried to put things together and serve Him confidently with the presentation He requested. As I look back, I think of all the things I might have improved upon and hope I can do better another time. But this man received my service with all His class and style and we settled in to enjoy a lovely little dinner together.

After dinner was finished and all the clean-up complete, I found myself well rewarded for my efforts. A change of clothes into something more comfortable, nakedness was appropriate and as He sat in His big chair with a lovely fur rug in front of Him I was directed to my knees before Him. The placement of rich leather cuffs found their way by His strong hands first to my wrists and I was then instructed to stand for the placement of each of the beautiful ankle cuffs. I felt such security within them, there is nothing like the feeling of leather against my bare skin. It was simply delightful.

Before I knew it, His strong hand gripped the back of my neck clutching my hair, directing me towards the dungeon. Inside I would discover some of His delightful plans for me; a favorite, nipple clamps, but these had bells upon them. I was now musical!

I soon found my ankles locked within a spreader bar, and up against the A frame again, facing the beautiful black and red structure and having my wrists secured into place by chain at the top. This night I would get a good taste of some of His implements, one of which being the dragon’s tail, how fitting. I had asked for marks, I wanted memories of this weekend to take home with me and to pleasantly remind me of my time in service to Him. He did not disappoint. He started easy with me by warming me up but within a very short time things progressed to a more intense momentum. The falls of His flogger were draped before my blindfolded face and the scent of the sweet leather was simply intoxicating. Everything about this was intoxicating, as the strikes landed upon my back I could feel my wetness increasing to the point it was dripping down my legs. I loved hearing His directions, telling me to move this way and that, feeling His touch upon my burning skin and then a sharp bite would come to light me up and shock the senses.

I was then instructed to turn around and the intensity increased. The bite of the dragon’s tail hit my belly, strike after strike. I writhed, each hit burned but in a way I had never felt before. There was magic to it, His words reminding me of my strength. Then a shot to the pussy, ouch! That one made me drop and before this scene was complete I would feel that sting once more. He gave me a quick peak from beneath the blindfold so I could see my tummy and I was both shocked and delighted by the marks upon it.

More adventure and stimulation to come as I would be led through the house blindfolded still locked within the spreader bar. These moments required such focus on His instructions, hoping that with delicate steps I would not run into the many items that were in my path from the dungeon to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I would find myself spoiled, my pussy toyed with to such pleasurable intensity, the orgasms coming one after the other. A very happy and satisfied kinky little princess I was, covered in marks and incredibly wet with cum.

The following day, after dinner had been served everyone settled in for an evening of entertainment. He changed into His leathers, as always looking so very sexy and soon our evening’s scene began. I was instructed to remove my dress and in my awkwardness I found confusion in where to start. Not my most graceful moment of all. There was so much excitement and nerves as I knew I would be challenged tonight in a way that I had never known before.

I would feel a myriad of sensations rushing through my body, from softness and soothing to stinging and burning. I would feel His hands caress me, His teeth bite me, His lips kiss me, His flogger gently draped before me as I took in the inviting aroma of the leather, His whips as they lashed against my body. It’s hypnotizing, all the different sensations occurring simultaneously, soft draping of the leather, stinging bites to bring me back to Him from that floaty space, thuddy wallops as the flogger would my land on back.

Every moment I was with Him, I knew He had me. Throughout our scene He continued to check in with me, asking for numbers, I cannot say what they were but I remember thinking I’m sure I can take more for Him so it must not be too high. Throughout it all He would remind me to breathe, to be with Him, to center myself and focus my breathing and feel the pain and release it. He instructed me to concentrate on the music and it was amazing how that one little thing helped me so much. His guidance and support will never be forgotten.

As He licked the tears from my face I felt our connection and I believed I had served Him well, I hoped I had served Him well. I am so grateful for my magical weekend with The Dragon. He gave me an opportunity to serve, to be my submissive self in my own special way and received me in the most beautiful manner. Thank you, Sir, for everything you gave me, for the outstanding and challenging experiences, for the opportunity to learn from you and for the magical weekend I will never forget.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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  1. Oh my gosh. This sounds incredible!


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