A Hotel Adventure, Serving The Dragon

He was going to be in town and there was an opportunity to meet but I can’t host, so what’s a kinky little princess to do? Find the nicest hotel room at the best deal! And I’m good at that, I’ve learned a few tricks in my job and before I knew it we had a king jacuzzi suite waiting for us.

This story should be more about all the sex, orgasms and squirting that occurred, but the beauty of this time with Him was the service, the little things that I will cherish from this encounter and have come back to my mind often since.

I arrived early and prepared the room as best I could imagine He would like to see it. There was a bottle of wine waiting, and He had suggested I bring along some toys so they were all laid out nicely on the bureau in the bedroom.

I proceeded to the big bathtub to enjoy a bubble bath before His arrival. I so love when I get to stay somewhere with a giant tub, one of my favourite little things in life to enjoy. I knew He wanted to partake in a bath later and I hoped He would appreciate the large jacuzzi tub as much as I did.

I laid a pillow and my bright red blanket at the entrance to the room hoping that He would find me on my knees waiting for Him upon His arrival. Best laid plans, that didn’t quite work out, but I cheerfully greeted Him at the door, naked, waiting to find myself in service once again.

Soon after some quick pleasantries and a warm greeting, He offered me the opportunity to be in His collar for the duration of our time together. I was directed to my knees and as He sat before me the room disappeared, all I could see was His face and the collar in His hands. Intently I listened to every word He spoke as I once again heard my instructions. My gaze lowered from His bright face to the supple black collar, I took a few deep breaths as I contemplated the responsibility I carry once the leather is placed upon me, finally kissing it and lowering my head to rest securely between His legs as He fastened the collar around my neck and this latest adventure truly began.

Without haste I found myself removing His shoes, tucking His laces inside neatly but without delay, and quickly I was instructed to begin removing His clothes, piece by piece. This time instructions followed in how I should do this and that just a little bit different than before, in a graceful and encouraging fashion. I am forever learning and this was one of those wonderful moments.

He had a desire for coffee, he had requested it before He had arrived in the room in fact, so it was brewed and waiting for service. I prepared His coffee for Him, still learning exactly how He enjoys these things, hotel coffee service being completely different than He would enjoy it at home, but I made it through serving Him an enjoyable cup of coffee. Now He likes it warmed from time to time, and I couldn’t figure out the microwave. For that, I got a spanking, but one I much deserved and to be honest enjoyed.

We discovered that this kinky little princess is a fan of anal play this evening. It wasn’t long before there was a plug in my ass and not much longer before His big hard Cock was inside of me either.

Time for another task, an ice bath for Him was on the agenda and off I went, slightly clothed to the lobby for buckets of ice. A few curious eyes caught the collar around my neck, but within no time, a cool bath was drawn. He was ready to partake and I was on timer duty. When He came up out of the water I presented a fresh towel to Him and was offered the task of drying Him off. It felt so good to run the dry towel over His body, His arms, back, shoulders, chest, up and down His legs, I felt so submissive and in my element of service even though no one had ever asked that of me before.

We enjoyed some comical room service, the most expensive and extreme version of nachos I am yet to see. Such a silly thing, but we enjoyed that meal quite nicely together, laughing continually about the ridiculously low chip to topping ratio, mind you we had asked for about five things to be added to them. I think we threw an entertaining curveball into the kitchen.

Our evening was laced with moments of passion and intense sexual energy. I have never had anyone make me squirt like that in my entire life. I found myself on my hands and knees facing the back of the couch at one point getting completely ravaged. It was spectacular. Our enjoyment of each other expanded this evening, learning more about each other and just what makes the other tick. I believe this knowledge will bring more exciting adventures in the days to come.

One of my favourite moments of our time together was in the morning when I offered Him a morning coffee. He was still nestled in the big comfy bed, and in accepting the offer He pulled Himself up to sitting, taking a deep breath and engaging with me in the moment to appreciate the act of service, enjoying the rare treat of receiving a cup of coffee in bed. It might seem like a little thing, but as I presented that cup of coffee, sitting as gracefully as possible at the edge of the bed, I watched Him enjoy His first sip and I savoured the pleasure I witnessed in Him. Now that sound, that deep breath of His, takes me back to that beautiful place, to that special moment of service, as simple of a thing as it might be it’s incredibly powerful to me.

It was time to depart and say farewell to The Dragon for this time, but it had been an immensely fulfilling albeit short visit. I would take some reminders of our night with me, a few tender spots upon my body to bring me back to this place and time for days to come. And now to look forward to the next adventure with The Dragon, what will He teach me next time.

3 thoughts on “A Hotel Adventure, Serving The Dragon

  1. Very nice story, I love the details and how you use words to describe little things!

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  2. Beautiful! I am very happy about all the things you mentioned… Specially about been an anal fan… I feel identified with that part… Loved it! Merry Xxx-mas by the way and thanks for sharing…

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