Behind The Black Clouds

This morning I woke to see the sunrise, my last here in Cancun before I depart for home.

I was slightly dismayed by all the black clouds in the sky and as I sat on the beach trying to get that last beautiful morning sunrise picture it occurred to me that even though it was obscured, there was still a stunning sunrise to be seen.

It felt like a metaphor for my life. Although there appears to be a black cloud shrouding everything right now there really is much beauty in my world. I received a great number of New Years messages yesterday from friends and chosen family and although I was in no mood to celebrate anything let alone look forward to the future by the end of the day I was reminded that I am surrounded by a great number of people that care about me.

Just like this morning’s sunrise, I will try to look past the black clouds to see the beautiful things on the other side, because as the winds change the clouds pass by and those beautiful things are revealed.

A tremendous sunrise it turned out to be and hopefully a beautiful day to follow.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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