I Am Worthy!

Last weekend I attended a local kink conference and it was quite a weekend.

I had highs and lows, and unfortunately the lows were quite saddening. The dragon showed his true colors and I had to make the decision to cease our relationship.

I attended a workshop and engaged in an exercise where I was confronted with the statement “I am worthy”. Some behavior that I had been witnessing and treatment I had been receiving was simply disrespectful, and this workshop reminded me that I am worthy of so much better.

I almost left the conference the evening of the first dungeon party because I was struggling with being disrespected in such a manner, but my people surrounded me, from near and afar, supporting me and lifting me up and giving me the courage to make it through the weekend. It certainly wasn’t my best conference, but it was wonderful having those people to keep me safe. I know they’ve got my back always.

I’ve made another bold decision to walk away from what wasn’t serving me, from someone who couldn’t appreciate me and treat me with the respect and dignity I deserve. I will not accept excuses for such selfish and self serving behavior, I am worthy of more than that and I simply deserve better.

So here I go, onto my next adventure! Many more to come I’m sure, and I will continue to remind myself “I am worthy” and not let anyone allow me to forget it!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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  1. Definitely, Go Girl!

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