Keep Moving Forward!

This morning I awoke to the most lovely message from my Mistress. It’s a long time since I’ve talked about Her, She’s been in the background of my life since summer but She’s always been there. How could any slave girl not feel blessed and honored to be in service to such a fine Mistress

Thinking of you this morning beautiful kinky one. Thinking about how far you have come in an astonishingly short amount of time.

To watch you come to terms with the core of who you are, slave in all of its wonderful complexities, it’s pains and accomplishments, continues to fill Me with pride in your steadfast determination to live your lust your love and your belief in M/s.

I am always proud to have you in service, at My feet with that happy smile that lights your face when embroiled in service infused with intention.

Keep your head up for We don’t want to miss a chance to see the mischief that lies right next door to your natural state of obedience, in the right circumstances.

As I have processed this last change in my life She has supported me with good counsel and I am eternally grateful for all She has done to lift me up and guide me through the myriad of challenges I have faced along this journey. I keep learning from every experience and have such great people in my life, for the most part because of doors She has opened for me.

I’m moving forward once again, unsure what the future holds, but ever so thankful that I have such a great community around me. Last night I felt that community surrounding me at a local dungeon party and the love I feel when I am with my people is so uplifting. I am always reminded that I am on the right path and to keep my head held high because I walk with integrity and show the world a beautiful submissive slave heart always willing to learn and support her community. It means so much having that kind of support in one’s life and I wish it for everyone else out there.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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