Here we go again!

My Prince Charming has returned.

It started with a lovely message on International Women’s Day, and a few messages went between us before the world turned upside down from Covid-19. Some time went by before another message passed between us but when one it did, a flurry of communication ensued.

We remembered some of the passion that brought us together a year ago, the beautiful moments we spent together last summer and fall. We recognized each of our failings in the dynamic that caused us to break apart from each other last fall. Acknowledging the errors of our ways with a hope to approach things differently we are going to try again.

We parted ways friends, stayed in friendly contact, and now we choose a new path forward together, building a new dynamic based on the knowledge gained and time to reflect upon the lessons learned. I am hopefully optimistic about what the future holds in submission to this man. I know I did well under his authority and living under his rules and protocols, and I will bring all the knowledge I have learned over the past many months we have been apart to becoming the best submissive self I can be.

Wish me luck on this new adventure. It was a wonderful way to start the day with a morning ritual for him. I feel like I might be finding my way home again.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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