The Darkness

It’s a darkness like no other.

Not that exciting pretty darkness that us kinksters fawn over, but a dreadful, painful place that sucks the life right from you.

That’s where I have lived for the last many months as Covid-19 has ravaged our world.

It has forced me to look at a great many things in my life, including myself, my behaviors, my actions, my painful experiences, my relationships, and many changes have occurred. There are a few people that have left my life, most notably Mistress. A heartbreaking hole will reside for a time in the space in my life that she filled, but often I refer back to the saying, “a reason, a season, a lifetime”. That season has come to an end, this chapter now closes. It saddens me greatly to say goodbye to her but there are good reasons for her departure from my life and it’s time for me to stand on my own two feet.

So where do I go from here. Well, onwards and upwards. I cannot remain in this pit of despair. Some good friends have shown me recently I can count on them and it’s reminded me that although I’ve felt incredibly alone throughout this pandemic, I am far from it. Change is coming, a new chapter is in the writing, I simply have to keep going and believing in the future, whatever that might look like.

Join me for the next adventure. I hope it’s good!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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