The walk

Today was a lovely day for a walk, but not just one.

I met my Prince Charming for a coffee and a walk in the park where we first walked and talked when our dynamic began. It was a good talk, we both shared things that we learned from our dynamic and from it’s end, what we need to do better to support each other and not hurt each other. I think there’s a positive way forward for us to have a lovely dynamic together with the understanding we need to communicate better.

As I sit in my car waiting to go into his apartment as he tidies up the house for me, I’m quite excited to get to be in an intimate space with him again. If you had asked me only weeks ago if I saw this coming I would have told you no way, but now it feels like the only right thing in the world.

4:59 I start walking towards the door, I reach the panel and enter those three digits I have entered so many times before but so long ago as I prepare to make the journey into the building, down in the elevator, my tiptoe walk down the hallway to his door, my stomach always a flutter with excitement. This walk is special though, there is something very special about us finding our way back to each other.

It’s been a painful time for me since our dynamic ended. I can’t say anything truly good has come to my life since he left it. There are really no experiences I have had in that time worth what I’ve lost and the pain I’ve felt. But today marks a new day in this chapter. Things that were of concern for me before no longer are, I learned of that today. And the end of our dynamic impacted us both, we both felt it, were able to recognize things we both did wrong and vocalized them to each other today, both offering and accepting heartfelt apologies. There was authenticity to his words, I believe him when he says he feels that he failed me and us, we both did really, but it offers us a path forward and that gives me hope.

There was so much beauty to our D/s and I truly was so very happy under his authority, I truly did think it was too good to be true at one time. Now I know it’s not to be taken for granted because if we’re not careful it can be lost, but I’ll be darn sure I approach things with a different perspective this time. And no more advice from people, that seems to do me no good at all!

A beautiful day with a wonderful Dominant, I felt the beauty of being his kinky little princess again today, the care and attention and passion that was always special between us. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Kinky Blonde Girl

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