Sunday afternoon submission

A beautiful Sunday morning carried me as I prepared for an afternoon with my Prince Charming. The bags were packed with all the essentials, hair and makeup and all other necessary grooming attended to, now just to get dressed and head out the door. I’m so excited for my first full afternoon date with him, I know some of what to expect, and then there’s always expect the unexpected.

I drive to his apartment with particular songs happenstancely appearing on the playlist to perfectly put me into that submissive headspace before my arrival. When I reach his building he asks me to wait ten minutes and come to the door, so I grab my cue card of prepared phrases I must learn for our new greeting and departure rituals and I start to study again, trying desperately to get it down before I walk through his door.

The time is up and I make my way to him, all of a sudden a bundle of nervous energy, my hands shaking as I enter into his presence. He provides directions for my things and I take up my position before him, preparing to speak those words for the first time, although I’ve stood here many a time before and said something very similar, but today is a new day and this is a new dynamic.

He received my petition with a dominant grace and elegance, something I’ve always admired about him, his class. But don’t let that deceive you, before long I was on my knees worshipping his feet, kissing and licking and sucking on each toe, licking and kissing his feet with everything I could give him, it felt so right to be there pouring out my adoration at his feet.

I was directed to change outfits and although I had two in the bag as ordered I offered up a surprise one that I had brought that was new to the collection which I thought he might enjoy, and he selected that as my dress for the next phase of our time together. He attended to preparing espresso for us to enjoy and upon my return to the living room in the red faux leather body-con mini dress I took up my position in the designated spot. Before long he was kissing me, tracing my skin ever so lightly sending shivers through my entire body, his fingers finding their way between my legs which spread even wider upon receiving this command, ready to receive him. He took me to the clouds over and over again, it was such a sexy, dirty, slutty, orgasm filled little parcel of time. And then the coffee was ready.

I had many opportunities to feel my place of submission on my knees, feeling so connected to him. In the bedroom I got to enjoy being restrained by wrist cuffs and being blindfolded, and the orgasms started and didn’t stop.

We ended our time together with conversation, a snack, and cuddles. These moments are just as important as all the kinky ones. I feel beautiful, I feel valued, I feel his. He makes me feel like the kinky little princess I am.

Kinky Blonde Girl

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